Heatact Super Conductive Heat - Tech Co., Ltd.

Heatact Super Conductive Heat - Tech Co., Ltd.

We are a professional manufacturer, develop and manufacture specifically heating elements and, as the first supplier producing heating pads in Taiwan, have many valuable years of experiences in product development. On the Specializing in the manufacture of heaters to be wound in 1979, Yung Tien is the only company producing the heating elements to be wound suitable for the use of car rear-view mirror mist-cleaning, bathroom mirror defogging, quilt warming, refrigerator de-frosting, electronic thermo flask, seat cushion warming, etc. for warming and de-fogging products.


Company Established:1979
Capital:About USD40 MilIions
Number of Employee: 250 staff
Land area: 20,000 square meters
Output: 600,000 square meters/year
Main Export to: Europe,U.S. and Japan
Company Location: No. 83, Lane 245, Sec.3, Sha Tien Road, Ta Tu Hsiang, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan
TEL :+ 886 4 2699 2187
FAX :+ 886 4 2699 6248

  • Product category:
    heating products, Flexible Heaters, electric heater, heating blankets, custom made heater, etc.
  • Business concepts:
    Honest, Quality, Professional, responsibility, service first.
  • Management principle:
    professional OEM, ODM, we have the one who doesn’t have, we perfect your products!
  • Purpose of operation :
    energy saving, creating high efficiency products, let you now touch the Technology of tomorrow.
  • Enterprise Mission:
    From components to the finished goods, we promise proving.
//Great Story

We have a great history to
start our company.


We passed the UL examination.


We successfully research and developed the KAPTON foil heating elements of high and medium temperatures for the use of electric rice cookers, water fountains, moulds, etc. for heating products.


Our company researched and developed EMH-100 super-conductive heating fans and heaters reaching the preset temperature for an instant, suitable for the use of heating fan, clothes drying, printing machine, foodstuff drying, various household electric appliances and heating as well as warming products.


We researched and developed industrial high efficient super conductive heating dryer with the functions of drying, warming and de-humidifying agricultural products, foodstuff, fishery, industry, lumber industry, baking varnish, furniture, leather, rubber, ceramic industries, etc.
We produced piping heating equipments in the same year. Our company positively participated in the R&D and manufacture of piping heating equipment for a wide range of heavy engineering continuously. The following are the companies cooperating with us: Formosa Plastics Corporation-Jen Wu Machinery Plant, China Petrochemical Development Corporation, Wei Chuan Corporation, Vedan Enterprise Corporation, Gau Ching Chuan Co., Ltd., etc. Due to our many years of experience accumulated to manufacturing, our company is deeply affirmed and trusted in the quality and technology by the customers.


In the special column of DU PONT TECHNOLOGY”, Du Pont Company of U.S. highly applauded the successful application of our ultra-thin flexible heating elements, which made our products occupying a dominating place in the international markets. Our company was also very active to participate in the R&D program conducted by the local research and academic institutions and colleges by supplying them with our KAPTON heating elements according to their requirements.


We researched a super conductive heating recycler for energy recycling to help save energy sources and reduce costs,suitable for the use of drying equipments, chimneys and reuse of heating source recycling for ventilation.


We were honorably selected by the National Space Program Office to participate in the research of the national first satellite.


Our company continued to research and develop a series of warming finished products, such as, heating vests, heating gloves, toilet seat warmers, healthy heating pads, far infrared super conductive sauna heating boxes, pet warming pads, etc. too many to be cited.


The products were deeply affirmed and requested by the various fields so we expanded the factory about 666 square meters and increased precise producing equipment to serve our customers. The new office building and factory were completed.

1999 ~ 2002

We formally participated in the space project to jointly develop and manufacture the heating elements for ROCSAT-2 & 3. property of 3000 square meters, we are producing 150K pieces of LCMs/month.


Researched and developed the transparent and ATC heating element, so broke through general heating choke point.
Acquired certificates of the National Space organization, Taiwan and Orbital, U.S.A.

2004 ~ 2006

Acquired a manufacture permit of pharmacist, ISO9001-2000 approved certificate.

2007 ~ 2008

Passed the GMP good manufacturer certificate approved by Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taiwan.


Our HEATACT super conductive heating nano museum Was operated formally.

2010 ~ 2012

Acquired ISO9001 certificate of manufacture and development of Electric parts ( Automobile and motorcycle parts, controller , thermostat, wire ) and electrical products ( heating fan , sauna heater box,etc )


New plant expansion timeframe schedule: In order to start a new plant expansion plan from February, relevant documents for the new plant expansion plan have been sent to the government for evaluation. The new plant will begin construction in July and will be completed in December 2015.


The heating pads produced by YING TEIN have exceeded 30 million of pieces.


The area of the factory is 20,000 square meters.


HEATACT successfully researched and developed a flexible washable heating pad that can be washed in the washing machine, and was tested by washing 30 times. This pioneering work will be widely applied to wearable waring products.

Passed ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System Management Certification.


The third plant was completed. The production base is expanded to 25,000 square meters.