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Hot Blower for lndustrial use HL-1810S standards

  • Hot Blower for lndustrial use HL-1810S standards


  • Dual thermal protection, thermostat control, and automatic power cut off.
  • Ergonomic soft grip.
  • Bi-lateral air current filter.
  • Industrial power cord.
  • Self standing or hand held operation.

The industrial heat gun is internationally recognized for it's versatility due to the innumerable range of tasks that it can be used to perform.  Some of these tasks include plastic solder, shrink tubing, bitumen adhesion, high-temperature plastic, paint peeling, electronics, automation, shoe-making, and agglutination.  Product features include exact temperature control, long life, and high performance.

TYPE Hot Blower for lndustrial use HL-1810S
Volume ( L×W×H ) 260 × 90 × 205
Voltage 120V 230-240V
Power output 1400W 1800W
Level 1 2 3
Air current speed 200 l/min 300 l/min 500 l/min
Temperature 50℃ 400℃ 600℃
Temperature adjusting 3 Step
Weight 780 g
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